artist statement


Australian photographer and digital artist Colin Vickery has exhibited at many leading Melbourne, Sydney and regional galleries.

Vickery believes in the transcendental power of art – the ability of images to play a role in personal healing.

Early abstract series Presence and Essence were exhibited at Melbourne's Photographers Gallery. Meditative landscape series Days Of Heaven drew praise when it was shown at Melbourne's Span Galleries, the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery and at the Art Gallery of Mildura during this year's Mildura Arts Festival.

Recently the series Grief, a collaboration with his wife Pam which tracked her reaction to a series of personal traumas, was shown at Sydney's Stills Gallery and Melbourne's Monash Gallery of Art.

The series was also featured at the recent National Association of Loss and Grief Seminar at Melbourne's Victoria University.

Vickery returns to abstraction with Unity. Using mystical primordial forms embedded in vast fields of muted colour, he creates timeless works in which viewers can immerse themselves and allow the shapes to resonate in their minds.

He is thrilled to be exhibiting to patients and their families at St. Vincent's Hospital.

“With this series I made a conscious decision to move away from the traditional art gallery setting,” he says. “It is a privilege to be exhibiting at such a respected medical institution.”