artist statement - essence 

Colin Vickery continues to explore the possibilities of photographic abstraction with his latest series, essence.

essence is made up of three suites.  Each features recurring primal symbolic forms embedded in intricate stone surfaces. A narrow colour range - greys, greens and browns - also link the works.

Vickery sees essence as a refinement of his previous abstract series, Presence, which used circles, squares and rectangular forms to suggest the creation of the cosmos and the beginnings of the universe.

essence is inspired by an excerpt from the Rig Veda and uses geometric forms to suggest the time before creation when 'there was neither non-existence or existence'.

Influenced by Cari Jung's writings on 'the collective unconscious', Vickery produces timeless images designed to dig directly into the viewer's mind.

"My images are designed to encourage contemplation as viewers become immersed in the intricate fields and allow the shapes to resonate in their minds," Vickery says.

 "With Presence this was done in single images but with essence 1 have explored the resonances that can occur within and between groups of images."