artist statement - Unity 

Unityoneness, being one or single or individual, being formed of parts that constitute a whole.  Harmony, concord, between persons.

My latest series, Unity, is made up of 24 contemplative abstract images featuring mystic mandala-like shapes floating in intricate fields of muted colour.

Intensely spiritual as well as overwhelmingly beautiful, these works are designed to promote peace and healing through the contemplation of art.

Exhibited in large scale 1.1m x 1.1m prints through galleries, the images are also set to be distributed in smaller scale versions through printed Unity Peace Packs and powerpoint presentations on Unity Peace Discs.

Image titles refer to the states of mind necessary to bring about peace – including reconciliation, harmony, sacrifice, understanding, compassion, acknowledgement, possibility, transformation and awareness.

In 2003, in a world still reeling from September 11, we have conflicts everywhere from the Middle East to Africa to 'the former Soviet Union'.  It is only through worldwide communication and understanding that they can be halted.

My hope is that Unity can play a part in this process by fostering an awareness of the essential connections underlying all people - no matter what their religious, political or cultural backgrounds or beliefs.

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Promise, from the Unity series, has just been chosen as part of The Cancer Council of Victoria’s Daffodil Day Arts Awards 2003 – ‘Celebrating Life and Hope Through Creativity’.

Exhibition from the 15 July – 7 August at The Edge Gallery: Telstra Centre, Ground Floor Cnr. Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets, Melbourne, Australia.