Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Colin Vickery has been producing photographic and digital images for the past fifteen years.

Colin completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Studies) degree in 1987.  It was during this time that he became interested in the power of abstract art to achieve a spiritual intensity in viewers.

Over the next few years he travelled extensively - studying the works of Abstract Expressionist painters Mark Rothko and Richard Poussette-Dart in the USA and then to Europe to experience the vast array of sacred architecture.

He also read widely - particularly Plato's teachings on sacred geometry, alchemist Robert Fludd and his Utruisque Cosmi Historia as well as the writings of Carl Jung on 'the collective unconscious'.

I saw a common thread in all the artists, architects and thinkers 1 experienced," Colin says.  "They all worked with the notion that certain shapes can affect people at the deepest level."

Since then, Colin has produced photographic and digital works which rely on mystical shapes embedded in detailed surfaces to create what he calls 'landscapes of the soul'.

Early series such as Presence and Essence are more sombre, as they allude to the creation of the cosmos and the beginnings of the universe.  Later series, inspired by Eastern philosophy, are more overtly sensual, beautiful and uplifting.