purple haze

“There was a red sun, on the low level of the shore, in a purple haze, fast deepening into black…” – Charles Dickens, Great Expectations.

Purple Haze features more than 20 ring-shaped images across a narrow colour-range – purple, black, dark blue and brown.

Experts believe that all colours have psychological as well as physiological effects upon viewers.

Colour acts upon the eye in a similar way that music and sound act on the ear. Both are forms of energy.

In Purple Haze, the mix of colours, combined with the hypnotic rings, creates a deep soothing effect on viewers.

The effect isn’t joyous like previous series Aurora, but nor is it profoundly sad. Instead, the images produce a sort of luxurious mix of hope tinged with melancholy.

I think of a performer like Nico or a band like Mazzy Star, with Hope Sandoval’s gloriously plaintive vocals, as the nearest music equivalent of Purple Haze.

Dive in. Enjoy.

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